Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Kicked Bin

the bin in my kitchen is a total bastard. it has real personality problems that regularly crystallise into very bad behaviour. for instance, it always pushes itself back into its alcove, so that attempts to open it with the pedal result in approximately 2" of travel, at most. not very polite. also it has this nasty habit of snapping at me when i feed it.

but the absolute worst thing is that it throws a major wobbler when you empty it. you might think that this is doing the bin a favour, but no - it seems that despite trying to prevent me giving it stuff, once it has hold of something, it wants it FOR EVER.

first it won't open far enough to enable removing its liner, and then when you finally wrestle it clear, it pulls a major snap attack. not content with that, it has sneakily applied superglue to the bag inside the liner, so even when you get free of the bin itself, it can still attack.

needless to say, this bitch got a good kicking.

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