Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Welcome to Total Destruction

aka Juvation Blog 2.0

the other blog was boring, and so i decided to kill it and resurrect it as my destruction diary. you see, after almost 40 years, i have finally realised that i have a tendency to destroy things. sometimes, when things aren't going well, or there has been too much crazy juice under the bridge, only destruction will put things right. i hope that there will be enough destruction to keep the blog going, but hey, who knows. the first few posts should be fun enough.


Rog said...

Prax, what a fine idea for your blog. Welcome back.


saudade said...

No posts for 6 months! I want more. Why did you tell me about this place? Bastard!

Just kidding. Forgive my outburst. I still want to a) drink beer with you randomly and b) ride in your car. :)