Tuesday, July 25, 2006

swiss army knife 1, powerbook screen 0

now, i do love my powerbooks. for the most part, cdrom drive shenanigans aside, they've been troopers for the years that they have been put through hell by yours truly.

unfortunately this is nothing when compared with the Power of the Crazy Juice.

we had a Bear River boys outing last week. now usually these things are reasonably tame - a few beers in the PCB followed maybe by the hard core of the group taking in a whiskey and soda in the Uptown on the way home. for some reason, this one turned into a rager. the hard core turned out to be 5 people total, all of which were buying double rounds at the Uptown. this means big trouble.

now the Crazy Juice takes a little while to come on, and i didn't realise this when i was pedalling back up the hill. i should have realised, because i was in a gear which is completely impossible usually. also i was chanting various kinds of nonsense to myself all the way too.... however, the exertion must have brought the Juice on, because BAM when i got in i was completely wasted, couldn't stand up, etc. i yelled that i was hungry, dave offered to warm up some cheese pie, i told him to sod off, he went to bed. i decided i needed a glass of water, but ducked into my room first to throw my keys onto my desk....

...fumbled totally and nailed my powerbook screen not just with my keys but my swiss army knife too. i'm still piecing together what happened because obviously it's all toxic fog at this point. tired and emotional, i then went on a kicking spree around the kitchen. various things including the evil bin got a dose, as did various things in the recycling box. this brought eric to investigate, though by the time he arrived i had already fallen over onto my bedroom floor, and passed out (it seems). he looked into my room and couldn't see any movement at all.

i vaguely remember getting off the floor at some point and getting into bed, i'm not sure though....

so now i have to survive with only 75% of the usable space on my powerbook screen. it's actually not too bad, though i do have to go fishing for my drive icons after a reboot. jolly fun. good job i didn't nail the other side, that would have been major inconvenient...

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